Dance Advocate Joan | Denver Headshot Photography

Joan wanted to reinvigorate her presence on social media so that she could be more connected to her community and industry. She knew that one the most important pieces of this would be imagery, so she hired me for Denver headshot photography. We did a mini headshot session at her home in Denver. She has a beautiful backyard with gardens and a lovely deck. Since it was such a lovely day, we did all of the photos outside. Joan also wanted to get a few photos with her dog to use for holiday cards. I loved that idea, so we made sure to get a few of them together.


My mini headshot package was the perfect fit for Joan. She needed a new profile photo so she could keep her professional appearance online. The mini session is only half an hour, so it’s just the right amount of time for clients to warm up to me and get those great, personality-filled photos we’re looking for.


Joan and I met through the Presenting Denver Dance Festival committee, which we serve on together. We just put on our first festival last weekend! Joan has had an incredible career in the world of dance as well as through her interior design business. After earning a BS in Dance Education from the University of Utah and an MA from the University of Colorado, she was a dance teacher with Denver Public Schools for 32 years. She has served on the boards of many local dance organizations and worked to bring big name dance companies to Denver. She also owned her own dance company, School of Modern Dance and taught there as well. Joan has been very active with the Carson Brierly Giffin Dance Library, part of the University of Denver’s main library, Anderson Academic Commons. In 2010 she was honored as a “Living Legends of Dance” by the Carson-Brierly Dance Library.


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Lyda | Colorado Senior Photography

This is my amazing cousin, Lyda! Over the summer, we were both visiting Chicago at the same time, so we planned a senior portrait session. We started at my aunt’s house north of the city and then went to the Illinois State Park nearby. The setting was a huge change from my normal Colorado senior photography. Everything was lush and green. The sunset was gorgeous, reflecting off all the water. And I forgot to bring bug spray so we got eaten alive by mosquitos. I don’t usually have to worry too much about those in the Rockies!


I loved photographing in the fields and forests of northern Illinois, but I do think I would get tired of all the green if I did all my sessions there. I am so grateful to live in a state with so much variety. And, of course, I have a special place in my heart for urban senior and headshot sessions! All the colors and textures of downtown Denver make for some amazing backdrops for portraits.


Lyda is my uncle by marriage’s niece from Ohio. We didn’t grow up together but I have many fond memories of her and her younger siblings spending the Fourth of July with us at my aunt and uncle’s place. There weren’t enough bedrooms for everyone so all the kids would sleep in tents by the lake after we watched the fireworks show and lit some of our own. I remember making jewelry with Lyda and her trying to guess how old I was. Haha!

Now she’s a high school senior in Ohio and will be heading off to college soon. She got a soccer scholarship to Miami University, so we had to take some portraits of her in her soccer uniform! I don’t think anyone in our family has ever gotten a sports scholarship before. I’m so impressed by all her talent and hard work! Congrats Lyda and have a wonderful senior year!








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Electrical Engineer Yazan | Denver Headshot Photography

I love photographing passionate people. While most of my Denver and Boulder headshot clients are artists and entrepreneurs, anyone who is passionate about what they do is a perfect fit for me. I met Yazan at an Energy Storage Expo I was photographing for a colleague of mine, Kinser Studios. It was a huge conference but I ran into him a few times, while he was engaging with vendors, asking questions at seminars, and networking with his colleagues. It was very clear to me that he loves what he does.

Yazan works as an Electrical Engineer for American Electric Power in Columbus. While he was visiting Denver for the expo, he wanted to get some fun photos in the city. His mother’s birthday was coming up and he wanted to gift her a few portraits of himself. Isn’t that so sweet of him!?

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We met up after the expo, just outside the Colorado Convention Center. It was cloudy and rainy but that didn’t stop us from having a great portrait session. In fact, the rain really enhanced the color of everything and gave a very cool effect to the photos. Plus, we borrowed some cool umbrellas from the hotel Yazan was staying in and used them as fun props in some of the photos.


The Colorado Convention Center and surrounding areas proved to be a great location. It’s modern and urban. There are lots of trees and plants around for a nature feel as well. And I just love the Big Blue Bear. It’s such an iconic Denver sculpture and it gives the photos a nice pop of color.

I loved working with Yazan and creating these fun portraits together. I know his mother with just love them and I hope his family will cherish them for a long time.


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Dancer and Activist Pi DuVal | Denver Headshot Photography

One of the ways in which I volunteer my time is by donating my Denver headshot photography to Presenting Denver. Presenting Denver is a non-profit organization founded in 2013. Their mission is to support the art of dance through increased public exposure and the appreciation of movement as an innovative art form.

In the past, I’ve taken dance photos of members of the dance community that Presenting Denver features as part of their In the Spotlight series. This season, I took headshots for the spotlights, as well as the ambassadors for the organization. We did these portraits on the rooftop of the Beauvallon building, where the Presenting Denver offices are located. This location gave us some wonderful spots, with nature, architecture, and beautiful views of the city.

Dancer and Activist, Pi DuVal

Allegra “Pi” DuVal grew up dancing, performing, teaching, and choreographing in her mother’s dance studio in Crested Butte. Her passion for dance never faded and she now strives to use dance as a medium to spread kindness and solidarity.

One of the things that struck me most while I was reading Pi’s interview was her passion for giving back and activism in her community. If you’ve seen my new project, Dance Warriors, you know how important the intersection between politics, social justice, and the arts is to me. As Sutton Anker writes in her In the Spotlight interview, “Pi is involved with the Colfax Community Network teaching hip-hop to children of transient families and also teaches at Feel the Beat, a Denver area studio for the deaf and hard of hearing.” She also founded Dance is Love, in response to the rise in hate crimes during and after the 2016 election. They have performed for the Denver RAW Artist Showcase and are now the official dance company of Denver Pride Fest.




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Birth Photographer Jennifer | Denver Headshot Photography

I know it’s not Thursday but this is a bit of a throwback post. This headshot session was in early 2015, so about three years ago! I hadn’t been living in Denver for very long and I was doing a lot of networking with other photographers, as I tried to figure out what I wanted to specialize in. I had met Jennifer at a holiday party just a few weeks before, so when she put out some feelers for a headshot trade, I was excited to join her!

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Jennifer Mason is an absolutely amazing birth photographer. We are part of a great photography networking group and she and I have worked together a few times over the years. I always love seeing her work. It’s really incredible! I later took pregnancy announcement photos for her and her family, while I was considering getting into family photojournalism. Jennifer recently moved to Michigan to start the next adventure for her and her family.

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I hadn’t started offering headshot sessions when I took these photos. At the time, I had no idea it would become one of the main focuses of my business! This session turned out to be a great learning experience for both of us. I got some good practice being behind the camera, taking portraits. But Jennifer was also taking my portraits during the session, and the experience of being in front of the camera was invaluable. My focus with headshots is always to make sure my clients feel comfortable and happy. I would not be able to do that if I didn’t know what it felt like to be in their shoes. This session helped me love portrait photography and I love seeing how far I’ve come in the past three years!

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Dance Company Headshots | Denver Dance Photographer

When I photographed Park Hill Dance Collective at their first creative session, we did some quick headshots for their company programs. We didn’t have the full hour like we did with their Academy photos but we made sure to take some time during the session to get everyone’s portrait. I found a nice spot, with great, even lighting to do the headshots. Everyone stood in the same spot and in similar poses so that all the photos would be cohesive. And I made sure to give each dancer horizontal and vertical options. They can also be cropped however they need to be. Now, on their website and programs, the company photos are consistent and cohesive!

denver-dancer-headshots, denver-dance-photographer, denver-dance-portraits, denver-headshot-photographer

It is so important for dance companies to have portrait sessions like this. Even if a full session is out of the question, taking some time during a promo photo shoot or rehearsal photography is a great start. Dancers come from schools and companies all over the place and they will each have very different headshots or even none at all. Consistency with dancer bio portraits, in programs and on websites, helps give the company a more professional look overall. It also creates a more unified look. You are a company, a family, working together. Not just a group of random people who happened to show up to the same theater at the same time.

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Additionally, since many dancers have multiple jobs and work with more than one dance company, it’s helpful for them to have a portrait that is unique to your company. With company headshots sessions, dancers won’t have to use the same photo for all the companies they dance in, which might dilute each company’s image. Many dancers do not have up to date or professional headshots of their own and using outdated headshots, snapshots, or selfies in programs and online does not project a professional image for a dance company. I am so glad we took the time to do these photos for Park Hill Dance Collective. This group looks great together!

denver-dancer-headshots, denver-dance-photographer, denver-dance-portraits, denver-headshot-photographer

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Teen Coach Theresa | Boulder Branding Photography

I met Theresa through Daring Divas, an amazing group of women business owners in Boulder. Check out their directory of local, women-owned businesses to support their remarkable efforts. Theresa started with the Daring Divas Directory when she was looking for branding photography to support the launch of her new business. I’m so glad
she found me! We had a great session together.

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Theresa is a teen and parent coach who focuses on helping teenagers and their parents communicate with each other. A lot of kids go through a very difficult time in their teenage years and having the support and tools to deal with everything is so important. Theresa is a mom of three and she’s been through it all before. Her work is so amazing and important!

denver-headshot-photographer, denver-portrait-photographer, denver-actor-headshots, colorado-headshot-photographer, colorado-portrait-photographer, colorado-actor-headshots

Theresa’s personal branding session was shot at her favorite place, South Mesa Trailhead. She comes here to go on walks, see the mountains, and to clear her mind. The goal of personal branding photography is to express a sense of who you are and the location is an integral of that.

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Theresa hired one of my recommended hair and makeup artists, Oksana Brown. She always does an amazing job helping my clients show off their natural beauty. Most of my clients opt for a subtle, natural makeup look that is more in keeping with their daily look. Oksana does such a great job with this. She is also a great stylist and she always helps my clients pick out their outfits for their session. She can even go shopping with you to pick out the perfect pieces!

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If you’re wanting outdoor headshots like these, but don’t want to be cold, April through October is the best time to have your session. My summer and fall get booked up pretty quickly so, even though it may seem early, now is the perfect time to reach out and start planning your personal branding or headshot session.

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