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Dance by Design in Pilsen | Chicago Dance Photographer

I love being able to work in a shoot or two when I go home to Chicago. I thrive when I can capture its vibrancy and all it has to offer. I’ve always said that Chicago is my first love so this shoot is a bit more personal for me than the other Dance by Design shoots I’ve done.

Pam is a family friend who I’ve known her for years and has even joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. She helped me make a skirt out of ties while I was going through my Avril Lavigne phase and invited me to fashion shows when I was in high school.  Trinity and I were both interns at Jacob’s Pillow. Trinity was the food services intern, so I made sure to be extra nice to her. We ended up keeping each other awake while we drove all night to Chicago after the summer ended.

We decided to do the shoot in Pilsen, a predominately Mexican neighborhood, just south of where I grew up. It has beautiful murals, great thrifting, and of course the best Mexican food in the state. Chicago is definitely a city of neighborhoods and cultures, so I think Pilsen shows the essence of the city in a way that the downtown cannot.

Pam was so generous and she designed and styled the pieces that Trinity wore for the shoot. I asked each of them a few questions about what inspires them.

Trinity Bobo

Tell me about the company or school you are associated with?

I’m a senior at Columbia College Chicago. I will be graduating in May 2016 with a BFA in dance with a concentration in dancemaking.

How would you describe your style of dance?

My favorite styles of dance are Modern and West African Dance. My movement is influenced by both of these styles as well as my training in floorwork and gaga techniques.

What is your connection to Chicago?

I’m originally from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin and moved to Chicago for school. My mom’s side is from Chicago so I’ve been to the city many times growing up. It nice to live here, I’m such a city girl.

What is your favorite thing about Chicago?

I enjoy the diversity and the art and food culture here. There is so much packed into this beautiful city.

What does dance do for you/mean to you?

Moving my body in relationship to music is my favorite thing to do. Dancing is when I’m happiest, it’s my outlet and source of communication. I love being in the studio creating and working with other dancers through this beautiful language.

Pamela Kosanovich

What was your inspiration/thought process when you designed these pieces?

Knowing that your model had dark skin, incredible features and such an amazing figure , I thought light color, sheer with hints of gold would not distract from her beauty or her movement. She looks stunning and the location is quite colorful and urban so I like the contrast.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

For this project I chose soft, flowy and very unconstructed. Pieces that would move with her and not distract from your photos or her dance.

What is your connection to Chicago?

Born and raised in the area. I had a bridal design company in Bucktown for many years and taught fashion design at SAIC.

What is your favorite thing about Chicago?

I have lived in NY and many other cities but Chicago will always be my favorite. The diversity of the neighborhoods and the friendly attitude that you normally encounter is what always brings me back.

What does fashion do for you/mean to you?

I guess being able create something beautiful, functional and lasting is my first thought when I create something. Each person I design for always has something unique about them that inspires me.







Dancer: Trinity Bobo

instagram: @lovetrinitybobo

Designer: Pamela Kosanovich

Location: Pilsen, Chicago, IL

I am always looking to collaborate with more dancers and designers. If you’re interested in working with me and other local artists, send me a message!

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