Dorrance Dance | Dance Photography

In July, Dorrance Dance came to Jacob’s Pillow for a two week run of their world premiere ETM: The Initial Approach. In addition to their two weeks of performances, they also taught two Master Classes on body percussion and singing with improvisation.

Tap dance is one of the most difficult dance forms to photograph but it is also one of the most fun. I got to photograph this show twice, which was such a treat. I first shot the show during dress rehearsal, where I was able to move all over and get plenty of different angles. Then I got the photograph it from the light booth. This gave me more of a birds eye view perspective for some great wide shots.


Michelle Dorrrance, Demi Remick, Caleb Teicher, and Warren Craft in ETM: The Initial Approach


Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie in ETM: The Initial Approach


Michelle Dorrance in ETM: The Initial Approach


Karida Griffith in ETM: The Initial Approach


Warren Craft in ETM: The Initial Approach


Demi Remick in ETM: The Initial Approach


Caleb Teicher in ETM: The Initial Approach


Caleb Teicher, Greg Richardson, Demi Remick in ETM: The Initial Approach


Michelle Dorrance in Aaron Marcellus’ vocal improvisation Master Class

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A Look Back

I’ve been having an amazing time at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival as the Photography Intern. Here’s a look back on the past five weeks. Not only do I get to photograph each company, but I also get to watch the shows. It’s so wonderful to be able to experience such incredible dance with and without my camera.

Hong Kong Ballet, Carmen de Lavallade, Trey McIntyre Project, Unreal Hip Hop, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, T.P.O., Dance Theatre of Harlem, Reggie Wilson/Fist & Heel Performance Group, Ballet 2014, and Dorrance Dance.