Opera Talk | Denver Performing Arts Photography

Every once in a while, I’ll be looking back through some of my Denver performing arts photography from years ago and think, “why have I never blogged this? I should totally blog this!” So sometimes I end up blogging old photos from events that happened years and years ago. It’s kind of fun to have a throwback post every once in a while! This is one of those throwback posts. This was an Opera Colorado event from a few years ago that never ended up on the blog. I was not nearly as consistent or organized about blogging back then so it probably got lost in the shuffle. 


Opera Talk was a really cool event that was part of the Inside OC program, so I thought I should bring it back and show it off a bit. This was a TED Talk style event held at the Denver Art Museum. People from various aspects of the opera world, from history to costumes to stage combat, spoke about what goes on behind the scenes to make an opera happen. Hint: there’s a lot that goes into every opera! It was a fun, informative, and interactive event. 


Opera Talk was also a great opportunity for people to catch a special sneak peek of a really exciting opera that the company was putting on later that year, As One. As One is a opera about a trans woman’s journey through transition and self-discovery. It was the first in Opera Colorado’s Scene Change series of important new works in venues throughout the Denver metro area. Two of the Artists in Residence performed an excerpt from the show at the event. 


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