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Getting in the Frame | Denver Family Photography

This year, I’ve been trying to take professional self portraits of my little family. I actually made it one of my new years resolutions to be in one professional self portrait (meaning I took it with my big girl camera) each month. I failed that goal pretty much immediately. These were the first “pro-selfies” I took of us and they were from Valentine’s Day.

denver-couples-photographer, denver-portrait-photographer, denver-family-photographer

Each Valentine’s Day, our tradition is to plan out a meal and cook it together. We’ve made pizza from scratch a couple times. One time we just made cookies; I guess we got lazy. This year, we decided to make homemade pasta. We had just bought a hand crank pasta maker and found a great mushroom sauce recipe.

denver-couples-photographer, denver-portrait-photographer, denver-family-photographer

It turns out past is pretty easy to make! Our meal was delicious and we had a lovely Valentine’s Day together. I learned a few important lessons from this attempt at self portraiture:

  1. I thought I could use my phone as a trigger but the app kept disconnecting from the camera’s wifi, so I used my wireless trigger instead.
  2. My camera kept turning off so I had to set it to never fall asleep. I thought it would die after being on all night but it hardly drained the battery. Win!
  3. Setting the trigger to 2 second timer mode made for more natural, less posed, and less awkward photos. (Notice us holding the trigger in the header and the first photo as opposed to the last two images.)
  4. All the lights in my apartment flicker ever so slightly and in photos, it drives me totally crazy.
  5. Taking self portraits all night makes everything more annoying but also more fun! And the memories are totally worth it.

denver-couples-photographer, denver-portrait-photographer, denver-family-photographer

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M and J’s Winter Solstice Ceremony | Boulder Wedding Photographer


Missy and Jaice met, like many do, on a dating site. Missy says that the night before Jaice messaged her, she wrote down exactly what she wanted from a partner and Jaice fit the description perfectly. They had an instant connection on their first date and their love for each other shines brightly. Their bond is so tangible, it can be felt even when they are apart.

Missy and Jaice’s first date was at a tea house on the Pearl St. Mall in Boulder so that’s where they started their ceremony. They drank tea, laughed with friends, and cozied up together. Then, they all went out to a nearby park and huddled together on a bridge. With the water flowing under them and the beautiful snow surrounding them, it was the perfect spot to begin their next journey together.


This was one of the most joyful and sacred marriages I’ve witnessed. It was an absolute honor to be included in it.

Every day is a story. I would love to help you share yours and document all of life’s big moments. Find out more about Storytelling sessions and tell me about your adventure at