Politician Sam | Denver Headshot Photographer

As a Denver headshot photographer, my job is to put my client’s personalities into a still image. I work to draw out a person’s essence and capture it so that other’s can see them, the real them, their whole selves, in an instant. Once they see that, they are able to connect with and empathize with the person in front of them. This is what a good headshot does.  


I try to stay politically active and informed, and I have even donated my services to political campaigns I felt especially passionate about, but I had never taken a politician’s headshots before. The word politician has such a negative connotation. I might be an optimist, but I truly believe that the problems of our government can be solved. This is really the job that politicians have, which makes them an incredibly important part of our society. There may be some bad ones but in essence, all politicians are people trying to help others. My job with this session was to show that. 


Sam is one of those people who just overflows with kindness, gratitude, and humor. I had photographed his son Bennett’s actor headshots and senior session earlier in the year. In the winter, Sam came to me for headshots. He had decided to run for office and needed professional portraits to use in his campaign for Boulder County Assessor. Sam mentioned that the public’s perception of this position is especially negative and he wanted me to make him look likable, approachable, and nice. It wasn’t hard to do that at all since he truly is all of those things! 


Since is was cold outside, we decided to have the session at my indoor location in downtown Denver. This gave us a great home base to chat and look over outfits. We did the first half of the session inside the natural light space and the second half outside at a local park. We even met the tiniest, most adorable dog on the way! 


Looking for a relaxed, fun headshot experience, with a lot of character? 

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