Presenting Denver Ambassadors | Denver Headshots

I have been an ambassador for Presenting Denver since I moved to Colorado almost four years ago. I serve as a Dance Events Committee Member as well as an Ambassador Photographer. One of my roles as Ambassador Photographer is to take Denver headshots of other ambassadors for the Presenting Denver website.

Presenting Denver Ambassadors | Denver Headshots


Presenting Denver is a wonderful, local non-profit that brings dancers and patrons together to support and uplift the dance community. This organization has been growing and changing a lot recently. They hosted their first dance festival this summer and are preparing for more big events in the coming years. Presenting Denver is a volunteer-driven organization, with an amazing team of ambassadors and board members donating their time and skills to keep this organization going. New ambassadors are joining all the time to help with marketing, event planning, writing, and more.

Last year, we organized a few days dedicated to headshots so we could take portraits of everyone who helps make Presenting Denver a success. We did these portraits at Presenting Denver’s headquarters, some outside and some indoor, depending on the weather. Since then, I’ve been taking Denver headshots for new ambassadors as they join the Presenting Denver Community. I’ve been able to do take these portraits in my own photography space so that there is still a consistency between all the images. This also makes it very convenient to keep the website up to date as new people join throughout the year.

I couldn’t forget about King, Presenting Denver’s ambassador cat! King attends every meeting and is very passionate about the organization’s mission to support the art of dance through increased public exposure and the appreciation of movement as an innovative art form. He is very good at taking notes on other people’s laptops, raising morale by demanding pats and keeping an eye on everyone by walking around the table.

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Personal Branding Expert Jessie May | Denver Headshots

This lady right here is such a badass! Jessie May has built this incredible empire of Boulder small business owners, grown her own business, and created an amazing life for herself. I was so excited when she asked me to do a personal branding headshot session with her. Jessie May is a personal branding and tribe building expert. She works with heart-centered solopreneurs who want to make a positive difference and have an important message to share. She is also the founder of Daring Divas, a networking group for women entrepreneurs in Boulder, CO. This is where I met her and the group has had a big impact on me and my business.


Jessie May knew exactly what she wanted her photos to look like and feel like, which was so awesome. We chose to do the session at Boulder Reservoir, where she often goes for walks or takes her dogs to go swimming. It’s always great when a location has significance for you since it will make you feel more comfortable from the beginning of the session. For her personal branding session, we went for an edgy, elegant, and nature-inspired feel. The location certainly provided the nature feel, and her outfits combined with my posing provided the rest.


Anytime I do a personal branding or headshot session, my goal is to bring out my client’s personality. In my opinion, having pretty pictures is pointless if they don’t show who you are inside. For Jessie May, I wanted to capture her warmth and openness, as well as her ability to be both serene and grounded, yet fierce and fiery. I love that contrast is her and it totally shows anytime she is speaking in front of the Daring Divas. I think it shows in these portraits as well!


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Opera Singer Leah | Denver Headshot Photography

Leah Podzimek took a really creative approach to her Denver headshot photography. She planned out three different looks, with different outfits, jewelry, hair, and makeup. Each look was based off a character from an opera, some of her favorite roles. It was amazing and totally genius! I recommend all my Denver opera singer and actor headshot clients do this too. When you’re presenting your portfolio for auditions, you want to show the different emotions and roles you can portray. You want to show that you are versatile and creative.


I knew Leah through Opera Colorado where she worked as an arts administrator. When she left that job to start on an exciting new career path, working for Boulder Symphony and Meow Wolf Denver (so cool!), she decided it was time to update her headshots. With her new job flexibility, she was able to attend opera intensive programs and audition more and she needed a new portfolio to do so. Before her session, Leah told me that she wanted to capture the many facets of her personality – joy, laughter, seriousness, intensity, etc, so that is what we set out to do. I wanted to show how creative, versatile, and passionate she is as an arts administrator and a singer.


We did her session in Lodo, which offered us a wide variety of backgrounds and locations. It was so much fun running around the city to all the different spots we had planned. We got a great mix of industrial, urban, and nature all within a few blocks of each other. I know all the great nooks and crannies in the area and I love taking my clients to them! We ended the session with some evening portraits, which was so much fun! I loved getting the chance to play with the city lights and Millenium Bridge was the perfect spot for it.





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Dance Teacher Joe DeMers | Denver Headshot Photographer

Sutton Anker interviewed Joe DeMers for Presenting Denver’s In the Spotlight series. To accompany the interview, I took Joe’s headshots at Presenting Denver’s headquarters. Joe first fell in love with dance as a senior in high school, when he decided to take social dance classes to prepare for his senior prom. It was through that class that he found a new interest and a community. Even though he didn’t study dance in college, he used that time to learn social dance, attend conferences, and compete.


“His interest in learning more about the social components of dance led Joe to develop the emergent form of Drag Blues. Joe does not, however, take the credit or consider himself to be the almighty creator of Drag Blues. ‘If anything, I am standing on the shoulder of giants thinking, hey, I’m gonna take this movement, this one, (and) this one and put them together.’ Joe listed some specific styles and elements of dance such as Jookin’, Savoy Slow Drag, Strut, Lindy Hop, and more. He suggests that his contribution lies in amalgamating certain qualities of these various dances, with the result of Drag Blues. When Joe attended a competition with a friend and, to his surprise, won the entire competition with a Savoy-style Drag Blues, he realized he needed to learn more about what he had started.”


Joe is incredibly passionate about the history of dance, the dance community, and the different styles of social dance. When he changed careers from a science teacher to a dance teacher in the public school system, his passion for dance and its history was reignited. A year after he started his job as a full time dance teacher, Joe won Colorado Dance Teacher of the Year and National Dance Teacher of the Year. “Joe’s passion for dance, desire for community relationships, and enthusiasm for teaching is changing lives for the better.”


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Remembering Ema | Denver Portrait Photographer

July 8th was my grandmother’s birthday. She turned 95 years old. It was also the day that she passed away. As my aunt put it, she had a perfect death. Apparently, in Judaism, dying on your birthday means good luck. It means your life has come full circle. We had all just visited her over the weekend and were able to see her one last time. Plus, I’m pretty sure she wanted to unlock that achievement of 95 years before she left.

We actually celebrated her birthday the day before. We told her she was 95 a day before she actually was. See, in the last few weeks of her life, she could hardly speak and wasn’t very responsive to us. She spent most of her time sleeping. Even in her last few years, she had lost a lot of her memory so every time we celebrated her birthday, it was a surprise to her. This year, we celebrated a day early because it was when we were all in town. Even though we told her it was her birthday the day before, I think she knew we were lying. She still waited until her real birthday so that she could actually reach 95. She’s pretty cunning like that.

My grandmother’s life started out wonderfully. She had an idyllic childhood, with family vacations and lots of friends. Then, it was all destroyed. When she was nine, Hitler came to power. She saw him speak in the plaza of her hometown, in Bavaria. Soon after, her friends and schoolmates started throwing rocks at her and brother. They had to change schools multiple times. They were harassed constantly. When she was fifteen, she and her brother left the country by themselves, soon after Kristallnacht. After they reunited with their parents in Holland, they came to the United States to start over.

And that’s just what she did. She learned English and became fluent, graduating from her high school at the top of her class (a class full of native English speakers). She got married and raised three children. She traveled. After her kids were grown, she went to college and studied Hebrew. She made a life for herself here, one that was taken from her in Germany. And she lived it fully.









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Dance Advocate Joan | Denver Headshot Photography

Joan wanted to reinvigorate her presence on social media so that she could be more connected to her community and industry. She knew that one the most important pieces of this would be imagery, so she hired me for Denver headshot photography. We did a mini headshot session at her home in Denver. She has a beautiful backyard with gardens and a lovely deck. Since it was such a lovely day, we did all of the photos outside. Joan also wanted to get a few photos with her dog to use for holiday cards. I loved that idea, so we made sure to get a few of them together.


My mini headshot package was the perfect fit for Joan. She needed a new profile photo so she could keep her professional appearance online. The mini session is only half an hour, so it’s just the right amount of time for clients to warm up to me and get those great, personality-filled photos we’re looking for.


Joan and I met through the Presenting Denver Dance Festival committee, which we serve on together. We just put on our first festival last weekend! Joan has had an incredible career in the world of dance as well as through her interior design business. After earning a BS in Dance Education from the University of Utah and an MA from the University of Colorado, she was a dance teacher with Denver Public Schools for 32 years. She has served on the boards of many local dance organizations and worked to bring big name dance companies to Denver. She also owned her own dance company, School of Modern Dance and taught there as well. Joan has been very active with the Carson Brierly Giffin Dance Library, part of the University of Denver’s main library, Anderson Academic Commons. In 2010 she was honored as a “Living Legends of Dance” by the Carson-Brierly Dance Library.


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Lyda | Colorado Senior Photography

This is my amazing cousin, Lyda! Over the summer, we were both visiting Chicago at the same time, so we planned a senior portrait session. We started at my aunt’s house north of the city and then went to the Illinois State Park nearby. The setting was a huge change from my normal Colorado senior photography. Everything was lush and green. The sunset was gorgeous, reflecting off all the water. And I forgot to bring bug spray so we got eaten alive by mosquitos. I don’t usually have to worry too much about those in the Rockies!


I loved photographing in the fields and forests of northern Illinois, but I do think I would get tired of all the green if I did all my sessions there. I am so grateful to live in a state with so much variety. And, of course, I have a special place in my heart for urban senior and headshot sessions! All the colors and textures of downtown Denver make for some amazing backdrops for portraits.


Lyda is my uncle by marriage’s niece from Ohio. We didn’t grow up together but I have many fond memories of her and her younger siblings spending the Fourth of July with us at my aunt and uncle’s place. There weren’t enough bedrooms for everyone so all the kids would sleep in tents by the lake after we watched the fireworks show and lit some of our own. I remember making jewelry with Lyda and her trying to guess how old I was. Haha!

Now she’s a high school senior in Ohio and will be heading off to college soon. She got a soccer scholarship to Miami University, so we had to take some portraits of her in her soccer uniform! I don’t think anyone in our family has ever gotten a sports scholarship before. I’m so impressed by all her talent and hard work! Congrats Lyda and have a wonderful senior year!








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