Whiskey and Doughnuts Festival | Denver Event Photography

This was such a fun event to photograph last year! Denver event photography brings me to so many new spots around the city and introduces me to so many fun things to do. The Whiskey and Doughnuts Festival is exactly what it sounds like, a day-long festival full of whiskey and doughnuts from local vendors across Denver and Colorado.


I loved seeing some of my favorite doughnut shops on display, like Habit Donut Dispensary. I don’t drink so I have no input on the whiskey selection but there were some really cool displays and a huge selection of distilled goodness. Last year’s event took place at Denver Rock Drill, a huge old warehouse on the north side of the city. The decorations of the event were bright, fun, and colorful (like donut sprinkles) so I felt right at home!


Each whiskey vendor was paired up with a doughnut vendor and together, they had to come up with a boozy doughnut to serve at the festival. Toward the end of my time shooting, in between sessions, I setup photos of each of the pairings. They were so fun and I loved how they turned out. I love that the festival used the photo above for the Facebook event this year. It’s always so exciting to see my photos being used for marketing. Seriously, it never gets old!


11 Creative, the company who puts on these events, just announced this year’s Whiskey and Doughnuts Festival! Tickets go on sale soon so if you want to go (and why wouldn’t you) get on their waitlist before they sell out. The festival will be in downtown Denver on May 18th, from 2pm to 9pm. The event also helps support, Minds Matter of Denver, a local non-profit that makes college dreams a reality for low-income high school students in the Denver area. Get your tickets here.


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