Denver Mac and Cheese Reviews

Denver Mac and Cheese Reviews | Wynkoop Brewing Company

Mac and cheese is one of my greatest loves so I decided to start a blog series reviewing Denver mac and cheese dishes from restaurants around town. I’m on a mission to spread the word about the best and worst mac and cheeses in the area. My quest is to find the best in town. Join me as I eat my way through Denver, one mac and cheese review at a time. Today, I’m reviewing Wynkoop Brewing Company’s mac and cheese entree. Enjoy!

Denver Mac and Cheese Rating

Flavor – 3/5
Consistency – 2/5
Presentation – 3/5
Price – 3/5
Topping – 2/5
Mix in options – 4/5
Total: 19/30
Conclusion: Good

Wynkoop Brewing Company
Denver Mac and Cheese Lovers

Wynkoop Brewing Company

I’ve been to Wynkoop Brewing Company before and I had an appetizer size of the mac and cheese. This time, it was time to try the real deal. The main flavor I got from this mac and cheese was a green chile flavor. This is a common ingredient in many dishes in Denver, but it was not listed on the menu, which I would have appreciated. I’m not a big fan of green chile but it didn’t turn me off to the dish too much.

The consistency of this mac and cheese was a bit disappointing. It was not as creamy as I expect from a good mac and cheese. The dryness didn’t necessarily come from a lack of sauce, although it could have used more overall. It mainly came from the sauce itself. The choice of cheeses and other proportions left a bit of a dry feeling in my mouth after each bite.

The default topping for Wynkoop Brewing Company’s mac and cheese included breadcrumbs, herbs, and parmesan. While it wasn’t gooey and melty, it was quite tasty and the breadcrumbs added a nice crunch.

The “mix-ins” were not actually mixed in but instead put on top, which seemed like an afterthought. I took one point off presentation because I think it took away from the overall look. There were great protein mix in options but no other options like veggies or different cheeses. I went with bacon, which always makes everything better!

In terms of price, $11 was a good value for the quantity (I took half of it home for leftovers), but the quality wasn’t outstanding and some topping prices were almost as much as the dish itself. Overall, Wynkoop Brewing Company offers a good, solid mac and cheese, with options to mix it up each time you visit.

Denver Mac and Cheese Reviews

Obligatory cheesy photo of me eating mac and cheese!

Denver Mac and Cheese

Where’s the best mac and cheese you’ve had in Denver? Comment below so I know where to try next! Click here (link coming soon) for all my Denver mac and cheese reviews. And check out my About Me page to see what else I’m obsessed with!

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