Djedi Admin Services | Denver Business Headshots

I was introduced to Schuyler, president and owner of Djedi Administrative Services, through Chireya Fox. Chireya did the branding and web design for Djedi and she knew that they needed excellent Denver business headshots for their website and social media. The company consists of Schuyler, the Business Development Director Brandi, and Schuyler’s dog Malachi so we made sure to include all three of them in the session.

The goal for these headshots was to create branding imagery that reflected the energy, heroism, courage, and integrity that are at the core of Schuyler’s business. Djedi Admin Services works mainly with companies in the music festival industry. Because of this, we wanted to make sure the festival vibe was reflected in the photos as well as show a sense of professionalism.


We chose to do this session at my space in downtown Denver. The space is just blocks away from Confluence Park so we split the session between indoor and outdoor. The lush greenery of the park gave a nature-inspired, holistic feel to some of Schuyler’s portraits. We also worked with one of the sculptures that are part of the park to give a sense of strength and reliability. For these outdoor portraits, we were able to include Malachi as well.


Then we met up with Brandi for the indoor set. Since the space has a bit of an office feel to it, we were able to get headshots of Schuyler and Brandi as well as photos of them working together. The outfits also reflected their business well. They chose to wear festival attire, including an eclectic suit jacket from one of their clients, Freeborn. The jacket even had a hood. How cool is that!


Djedi Admin Services | Denver Business Headshots


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