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A lot of people think that Denver performing arts photography is all about capturing photos of mainstage shows to be sent to newspapers. It is so much more than that! A lot of what I do is capture smaller shows and events for performing arts companies. I cannot tell you how important it is to have a professional photographer at events. Let’s go into some of the reasons why.



Content is king in marketing. Having lots of content is never a bad thing and photos are probably the easiest kind of content to show. They are engaging, great for SEO, and ideal for social media. Showing images from events on a regular basis shows that your company is active and engaged with the community. It’ll make people feel like there’s always something awesome going on and that they don’t want to miss out.


Make your guests feel like VIPs

There’s nothing that makes an event feel classy like having a professional photographer there. Believe it or not, people love being photographed at events. They got dressed up and want to show off a bit. Being asked for a photo, by a professional makes people feel special. It’s their mini red carpet moment. To be fair, not everyone feels this way but I’ve gotten pretty good at gauging who loves the camera and who doesn’t. That way, I can focus on the right people without making others feel uncomfortable.


You’re going to share photos of all your events no matter what. While Instagram stories and live videos are super important for engagement, you also need to show your level of professionalism. You cannot do that with amateur cell phone photos alone. Having professional photos of your events (meaning that they were taken by a professional photographer, not the accounting person with a nice camera) shows that your company is high end and worth spending money and time on.


Professional Denver performing arts photography can uplevel your marketing and audience engagement. It provides your company with a constant stream of beautiful content, makes your event attendees feel like VIPs, and gives your brand a more professional feel overall. Are you ready to uplevel your arts organization? Get in touch today.








Want engaging production photos to reach new audiences and sell more tickets? I would love to help tell your story through photosContact me here or message me at


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