Wine and Opera | Colorado Performing Arts Photography

Last year, Opera Colorado came up with a genius idea. They wanted to create an engaging, fun, and social experience that involved opera. So they teamed up with a sommelier and paired arias with wine at a Denver vineyard. Colorado performing arts photography is always so much fun but this was really something special.

To see two totally different disciplines come together and compliment each other was quite amazing. And the creativity that went into the pairings was incredible. Each aria and wine pairing fed off each other and enhanced the experience. They were paired with purpose.

The whole night was so much fun. The Balistreri Vineyards, a family owned, multi -generation vineyard in Denver, was a beautiful venue and guests even got a tour to see how the wine was aged. The Opera Colorado Young Artists paired three sets of songs with three wines. The songs were curated by Cherity, the Education Director and the wine was chosen and paired by the grandson on the the Vineyard’s founder. I love that the Young Artists end each performance with a full group aria. It is always amazing to see them all sing together.

Events like these are such a great way to draw in new audience members as well as partner with other local businesses. Having great images of these events really helps to draw people in and get them excited about your organization.

Inside OC will be doing more of these events in their upcoming season! The next two events will be at Nocturne and The Preservery with the new cast of Young Artists. You won’t want to miss them!

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