Mike’s Passion Project | Broomfield Portrait Photographer

My boyfriend, Mike, has been working on a big, ongoing project to motorize and automate his 8 inch Orion telescope. He got the telescope when he was 8-years-old. He brought it with him to college, where we would have stargazing parties and he would show all our friends Jupiter and the moon. And eventually, he brought it to Colorado, home of some of the darkest skies in the country. This thing is his baby and now, he’s helping it grow up.

He’s using an Arduino to program motors that will move the telescope to the right point in the sky and then move it with the rotation of the earth. That means, we can take really awesome nebula photos when it’s done!

One of the steps in the project was to make a remote that can tell the Arduino what to do, so he decided to solder one together. This is a project he is really passionate about, so as a Broomfield portrait photographer, I thought it was important to document it. I don’t want either of us to forget all the work he’s put into it and how excited we are about the finished product.


Is there a big project you’re working on? Is there someone you know who is really passionate about their hobbies? I would love to make photos like these for you too.  Find out more about Storytelling sessions and tell me what you’re passionate about at jamie@jamiekraus.com



5 thoughts on “Mike’s Passion Project | Broomfield Portrait Photographer

  1. This is seriously inspiring! I love the dedication, and the celestial theme! Can’t wait to see some of the photos that happen as a result of this project!


  2. How very cool to be this inspired and dedicated! Looking forward to the updates as he continues his work!!!


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