The Balan’s Thanksgiving | Chicago Family Photographer


The time my family spends together and our ever-evolving traditions are so important to me, especially now that I live far away from my hometown. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite family holiday. We always have it at my aunt and uncle’s house. We spend two days prepping and cooking. Everyone pitches in to cook and bake and clean. We all cram into the kitchen, trying not to step on the dog or cat. For dinner, we invite friends over from near and far, we eat, drink, and talk (mostly about inappropriate things). After dessert, we belt out old songs and watch terrible movies. It’s chaos, it’s crazy, it’s perfect, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Because these memories are so important to us, I wanted to make sure they were preserved. So, since I’m a family photographer, I photographed my own family during one of my favorite holidays.











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6 thoughts on “The Balan’s Thanksgiving | Chicago Family Photographer

  1. I let out a little ‘squee’ voice at the first picture – love it! The whole gallery is amazing and I love how you documented your family tradition. It will be a treasure for years to come!


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