Support Systems and the Freelance Life

I got a text today that nearly made me cry. As a Colorado dance and storytelling photographer, and as a freelance photographer, I never know where my next check will be coming from. Literally. So when my aunt in Chicago had a potential high paying job for me (that is not the text I’m talking about), I took a serious look at it. It meant that I could see my family, make some money, and visit my favorite city. The catch was that the photos needed to be taken and edited before the end of the month. Oh, and my mom would be out of town during the second half of the month so I sort of needed to go during the first half. As I looked at my calendar, it became apparent that the only time I could go was during Valentine’s Day.

I love Valentine’s Day. I loved it when I was single, I loved it when I was in a long distance relationship, and I love it now that I live with my significant other. I did not want to miss out on spending that day with Mike. But this was a big paycheck. It would cover the cost of my flight and I didn’t have any plans to go home for a while.

So I asked Mike how he felt about me being gone that weekend. It was his response that nearly made me cry.

[Image Description: A screenshot of an iMessage screen. The first text (from me) reads “How much would you hate me if I went home for Valentines Day. Robbie might have a very well paying job for me.” The next text (from my boyfriend, Mike) reads “The roads should be much better now. If you go home for Valentine’s Day I wouldn’t be upset at all (besides missing you) You are a very successful photographer and I’ve come to accept that you will be asked to travel a lot. We can celebrate our love another day. You know I love you.”]2016-02-02 12.07.15


Freelancers, photographers, artists. We are hard people to be supportive of. Our lives are full of uncertainty, rejection, and failure. We are often unappreciated and unsupported by society, the government, and the general population. And then there are those few, special people who not only love us, but support us, are proud of us, and would never want us to give up our dreams. I am so lucky to have not one, but many of those people in my life. Everyone in my family is so supportive of me and my business and this text really showed me that.

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Photo by Brianne Shaw of Heart Life Photography.


8 thoughts on “Support Systems and the Freelance Life

  1. I love that you did a blog post about this. It’s so true that our income and lives are unlike most others and sometimes it sucks. I once booked a wedding on Father’s Day (I didn’t check the holiday before I booked it) and it was my husband’s first father’s day. Although he wasn’t as understanding as your guy, we still made it a special day (the day before) for him.


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