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Lattice’s Story | Broomfield Pet Photographer

I first met Lattice and his parents about a year ago. Lattice was one of our first (and still one of our favorite) dog sitting guests. He loves attention and being close to his humans. He will bury his head in your lap or push himself against any part of you that he can reach, just to be close. He’s sweet, cuddly, playful, and smart, but he can also be stubborn and picky. And he’s afraid of the bathtub.

As a Colorado pet photographer, I love being able to show the connections between people and their pets (or pets and their people)! Here is Lattice’s story, from an evening with his humans.

Every day is a story. I would love to help you share yours and document all of life’s little moments. Find out more about Storytelling sessions and tell me your story at  

6 thoughts on “Lattice’s Story | Broomfield Pet Photographer

  1. What an amazing idea! I love how you captured the “everyday” moments that mean so much when you have a dog. You can tell their pup is an absolute sweetie

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