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Snowga with Aja | Colorado Yoga Photographer


In the beginning of April, the weather forecast said it would snow in Colorado. I was so excited! See, in February, when it seemed like it was snowing all the time, Aja and I tried to set up a snowy yoga session, but whenever it snowed, one of us was busy. So when the weather said it would snow again (which I thought would be the last time!), I frantically emailed Aja to see if she was free. And she was!


Aja is one of my yoga instructors, so I knew how well she could move. Even though it was cold and icy, she did not fail to deliver! She nailed some incredible poses with elegance and flair!



Aja and her boyfriend (who acted as a wonderful photo assistant) brought their gorgeous husky, Sky. Sky wanted to be in every photo and he got is turn in front of the camera too.


If you are looking engaging yoga portraits for you or your company, please send me a message at I would love to help tell your story through yoga and photography.



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