Wish for Wheels Fundraiser

Wish for Wheels is a great Colorado based non-profit that builds bikes and gives them to children of low-income families. These bikes make the kids so happy while encouraging them to stay active.

Last Friday, Wish for Wheels hosted a fundraiser in downtown Denver and I was so lucky to be able to photograph the event.


All over the tables and walls were thank you notes and drawings from the kids this organization has helped. It was very clear how grateful they were and how much they loved their new bikes.


There was a silent auction for some great goodies like cool bike jerseys and private parties.


It was very clear how positively everyone at the event felt about Wish for Wheels. Everyone there was just beaming with joy and having the time of their lives.


If you have an event coming up in the Denver/Boulder area, let me know. I would love to be a part of it and document all the best moments. Send me an email at jamie@jamiekraus.com.

Want to get involved and help give bikes to kids? Help in any way you can here: www.wishforwheels.org/get-involved/.


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