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Bird Fur Tees in Five Points | Denver Portrait Photography

Bird Fur Tees is the t-shirt company my brother, Josh, created. Josh has always had a quirky sense of humor and an entrepreneurial spirit and this company has been the perfect combination for him. His shirts are funny, weird, timely, and sometimes even philanthropic. He’s always posting behind the scenes photos, new designs, and funny memes on his Facebook page. Go ahead and take a look.

denver-tshirt-photographer, denver-lifestyle-photographer, denver-portraits, denver-portrait-photographer, denver-brand-photos, denver-brand-photographer

This session was so much fun! I loved so many of the new t-shirts. My favorites from this session were the You’re my Everything Bagel shirt and the Delicious Nazi Tears shirt. Also, these murals are amazing! We went to the Exdo event center, where Tracks is. If you haven’t seen a drag show at Tracks, you are missing out. There are so many amazing murals in their parking lot and the alley behind their main building. I love how colorful they all are!

denver-tshirt-photographer, denver-lifestyle-photographer, denver-portraits, denver-portrait-photographer, denver-brand-photos, denver-brand-photographer

denver-tshirt-photographer, denver-lifestyle-photographer, denver-portraits, denver-portrait-photographer, denver-brand-photos, denver-brand-photographer

We always try to take a few photos of the models wearing blank t-shirts. That way new designs can be photoshopped onto the blank tees as they are released, so customers can get a better idea of how they’ll actually look. Josh comes out with new t-shirt ideas as he thinks of them, but we can only do a couple of sessions a year. This is a great way to keep the photos up to date with the current products, in between photo shoots.

denver-tshirt-photographer, denver-lifestyle-photographer, denver-portraits, denver-portrait-photographer, denver-brand-photos, denver-brand-photographer

denver-tshirt-photographer, denver-lifestyle-photographer, denver-portraits, denver-portrait-photographer, denver-brand-photos, denver-brand-photographer

What’s a Bird Fur shoot without some ridiculous silliness? We didn’t even have to steal a dog this time because one of our models brought her own! Emily brought her pup, Cricket to the session and she was such a charmer. She was very well behaved and followed most of my posing directions without any treat bribing!

denver-tshirt-photographer, denver-lifestyle-photographer, denver-portraits, denver-portrait-photographer, denver-brand-photos, denver-brand-photographer

denver-tshirt-photographer, denver-lifestyle-photographer, denver-portraits, denver-portrait-photographer, denver-brand-photos, denver-brand-photographer

Check out all the other Bird Fur photo shoots we’ve done.

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denver-tshirt-photographer, denver-lifestyle-photographer, denver-portraits, denver-portrait-photographer, denver-brand-photos, denver-brand-photographer

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Colorado Gives Day 2018

Colorado Gives Day is today! This is Colorado’s local version of Giving Tuesday. Each year on the Tuesday following Giving Tuesday, Coloradoans can donate to local non-profits while maximizing their giving power through a $1 Million Incentive Fund. The incentive fund is split between all participating non-profits, based on the percentage of donations they receive. 

I know how hard it can be to find the resources to donate money or even time to non-profits. That’s why I’ve built it into my personal budget and my business structure, because I know giving is so important. Non-profits need money, but they also need other forms of support like time, services, and resources. Below are five local organizations I volunteered with, supported, or donated to this year. These are wonderful, homegrown organizations that need your help as well. 

Presenting Denver

Who they are: Presenting Denver serves as Denver’s dance community. Their goal is to create a way to bring dancers and dance lovers together through performances, support, and resources. 

How I gave: I volunteer on the Dance Events committee. I also volunteer as a photographer ambassador, where I photograph headshots, promotional material, and events.

How you can give: There are so many ways to support Presenting Denver. You can volunteer on one of their committees, attend an event, become a sponsor, or make a financial donation

Opera Colorado

Who they are: Opera Colorado is Denver’s biggest opera company. Each season, they produce three operas, two at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House and one at a smaller theater. They strive to present new works, and bring up and coming artists to the state.

How I gave: I give to Opera Colorado by donating a portion of my services to the company.

How you can give: They have so many ways for you to support, from Young Artist Sponsorship to one time donations. You can donate to Opera Colorado through Colorado Gives Day here.


Gender Identity Center of Colorado

Who they are: The Gender Identity Center is an important resource for transgender, nonbinary, and questioning Coloradoans as well as their families and friends. They offer therapy, support groups, community, and other essential services. The GIC is one of only a few centers in the country that does this and they have been open for over 40 years. 

How I gave: I ran a charity photo shoot at Boulder Pride, to raise money for the organization. I also donated to their fundraising campaign. 

How you can give: The GIC is always looking for volunteers to help at events, lead support groups or offer pro-bono therapy to the community. 


Vagina Monologues Denver

Who they are: Kate Spencer organizes Denver’s production of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues, a world renowned play to help stop violence against women and girls. 

How I gave: I volunteer to photograph their rehearsals, headshots, and performances.

How you can give: Audition! Vagina Monologues is looking for anyone who identifies as a woman to be a part of the show. No acting experience required. Auditions are being held on December 15th. Don’t want to be on stage? Follow them on Facebook and attend a show in February!


The Center

Who they are: The Center serves as the LGBTQ community center for Colorado. The provide the LGBTQ community with resources, programs, communications, and opportunities. 

How I gave: I donated clothing to their transgender clothing swap event.

How you can give: Volunteer at an event, donate, or shop through one of their affiliates.

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Theater Marketer Rachel | Chicago Headshot Photography

Last year, while I was home, in Chicago, for Thanksgiving, I hosted a headshot and wine event. I offered mini headshot sessions and we had some wine and cheese to mingle over before the sessions. It had been a few years since I did Chicago headshot photography (I work primarily in Denver) and it was so fun to get back to shooting there. I did the sessions in the neighborhood I grew up in. There were still some fall leaves that hadn’t fallen yet and I loved all the textures and backgrounds the neighborhood provided.


Rachel is my oldest friend. Our moms are good friends and we were born only a few months apart, so we grew up together. Somehow, we ended up working in the same industry, although in completely different parts of the country. While I photograph a lot of performing arts and theater, Rachel works in marketing for theater companies. She is also a theater critic, writing for Broadway World and her own blog, Rachel Weinberg Reviews. She’s currently in school, pursuing her master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University.


Rachel has always been obsessed with purple and I love the purple top she brought to her session! The timing of our session was perfect. I hardly get to see Rachel anymore, now that we live so far apart and it was great to spend some time with her at our session. She even brought her mom so our moms could hang out while the two of us got to catch up. Plus, pretty soon, she’ll be looking for a new job when she graduates and now she’ll have a fresh, new headshot to promote herself with on Linked In!



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Thanksgiving 2017 | Denver Portrait Photography

We’re not the most traditional family out there. We have our traditions but, for the most part, we like to mix things up. For Thanksgiving, we have a new theme each year for the meal. There’s usually a few new people at the dinner table. Some years, we don’t even eat turkey. So every year is different from the last. There are a few things, however, that we just cannot have Thanksgiving without.

denver-portrait-photography, denver-professional-photographer, denver-thanksgiving-photos

Themes. As I mentioned, there’s always a theme to our Thanksgiving meals. Some years, it was different countries or cuisines. Last year, we started a new tradition of picking a name out of a hat and that person has a year to decide on the theme. We started with the co-host, my uncle. He chose a 1950s cookbook as the theme. Everyone had to make a dish from the cookbook or a variation of it. This year, it’s my aunt’s turn and her theme is foraged ingredients. Each dish has to feature one ingredient that can be foraged from the area.

denver-portrait-photography, denver-professional-photographer, denver-thanksgiving-photos

Music. There is always music at my aunt and uncles house. There’s always a Pandora station playing in the background and a guitar lying around for my brother, Josh, to play. In the last few years, we started having family sing-alongs, which are insanely embarrassing and so much fun.

denver-portrait-photography, denver-professional-photographer, denver-thanksgiving-photos

Mushroom goo. Mushroom goo is my uncle, Alex’s, invention. It’s a combination of mushrooms, onions, and cream and it’s usually stuffed into more mushroom caps and topped with parmesan. It’s the most amazing thing ever had and I look forward to it every year. Last year, we put it in homemade ravioli inspired by the 1950’s cookbook.

denver-portrait-photography, denver-professional-photographer, denver-thanksgiving-photos

Buckeyes. From probably the first Thanksgiving I can remember, my aunt Robbie and I made Buckeyes together. Buckeyes are an Ohio treat consisting of peanut butter balls partly covered in chocolate. My dad and uncle are from Ohio and they are and huge Ohio State fans. The mascot is the Buckeye, which inspired the dessert. These days, my little cousin Ava helps us make them and we use the leftover chocolate to make bark with whatever we can find in it.

denver-portrait-photography, denver-professional-photographer, denver-thanksgiving-photos

Each other. It wouldn’t be a cheesy Thanksgiving post if I didn’t gush about my awesome family. While our table is open to many people who come and go, our family is always together on Thanksgiving. I am so grateful for that.

denver-portrait-photography, denver-professional-photographer, denver-thanksgiving-photos

denver-portrait-photography, denver-professional-photographer, denver-thanksgiving-photos

denver-portrait-photography, denver-professional-photographer, denver-thanksgiving-photos

denver-portrait-photography, denver-professional-photographer, denver-thanksgiving-photos

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Dance Warriors – Holistic Health | Boulder Dance Photography

The Dance Warriors project is an artistic response to political and social issues, in collaboration with dancers across the country. This project started as my response to our changing political climate and my desire to make an impact for the better. This is my way to use Boulder dance photography to raise awareness about the issues that face us today.

I have done a few session where I chose the topic and found a dancer after deciding on the topic, location, and all the details. However, my vision for this project has always been the opposite. My goal with Dance Warriors was to let the project be a space where dancers can collaborate with me to express what they are most passionate about. That was how we approached this session.

Andrea Jayne Martin reached out to me, wanting to be a part of Dance Warriors and the topic she was most passionate about was Holistic Health. My gut reaction was hesitation. You see, I am really passionate about science. I have a Bachelor’s of Science, I’ve always loved biology and physics, and I am a big advocate for science in politics and life in general. I always thought that holistic health was at odds with science itself. After some soul searching, I came to the realization that this was not the case. That these two things I thought of as opposites can and do coexist.

The session itself was amazing. We spent almost two hours at the Starhouse in Boulder, wandering through the woods and around the property. There are lots of spiritual sites at the Starhouse, and plenty of gorgeous natural landscapes, that made for the perfect backdrops to our session. At the end, there was a massive downpour and Andrea was so excited to dance in it. She actually had to convince me to keep taking photos! They turned out amazing and my equipment was unharmed. In true Colorado fashion, the storm passed quickly and left us with an incredible double rainbow to end the day.

Dance Warriors – Holistic Health | Boulder Dance Photography


Tell me a bit about yourself.

I, Andrea Jayne Martin, am an eclectic mover, creator, dance educator, yogi, and healing artist residing in Boulder, CO.

In 2017, I established ethereum dance co. to continue my passion for creating socio-political performance art pieces that speak to the human experience. My approach is symbiotic between body, mind & spirit- encouraging full immersion in movement through a heightening of the senses.

I am a graduate of Rhode Island College with a B.A. in Dance as well as a B.A. in Performing Arts Management. I also hold a Certificate in Non-Profit Studies in addition to a Minor in International Non-Governmental Organization Studies and was the recipient of a 2015 Rhode Island College Leadership Award in the category of “Vital Contribution to the Community.” I hold certifications in Selah® and Intuitive Dao Tantric Healing Arts, Kripalu Yoga, and Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga. I am the sole owner of Selah® | Holistic Wellness and also serve as Founder and President of 501c3 nonprofit holistic wellness advocacy organization Seeds of Wellness (SOW), Inc.


Why are you passionate about holistic health?

I spent much of my early life very unwell- enslaved by chemical dependency and reckless on every level… 90 pounds soaking wet with all the attributions of a stale cigarette. The right people stepped in for me when I couldn’t and shed light on a journey of purpose-driven recovery. Eight years later and, of course, still evolving, the renewed pursuit of holistic wellness in my own life has translated into the lives of others through my healing arts practice, Selah | Holistic Wellness, based in Boulder, CO. My work stems from a passion to offer the same light to others that was extended to me in my time of need.


How has dance helped you express yourself?

Dance is therapy. We are kinetic in nature. Movement is deeply engrained within us, down to the cell. Technical training allows the soul to fly, and to speak a language that is beyond words. I believe dance is the ultimate form of expression. It allows me to hone in on the subtleties of my being- to discover them, to feel them, to embrace them, and to share them.

What do you think is the intersection between art and politics?

Art is inherent to our beings. Just as we were created, we also create. We create meals, homes, decisions, babies… the list goes on. We are all artists. And just as the dancer needs technical training to hone in on their craft, the human being needs boundaries around what they create. Everyone has their own idea of what those boundaries should look like, giving us politics. What art does is hold politics accountable. Accountable to human nature… to the moral compass that exists within. To what we feel in our bodies- not just what our fleeting minds are able to talk us into. Art has the power to change the perception of a whole nation in a single moment, due to its inherent, holistic way of expression. Art speaks to the body, mind, and spirit as opposed to the playing field of politics, which dominantly exists in the cognitive realm. May art continue to provide the balance we need to live in peace.










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Opera Artists Portraits | Denver Portrait Photography

I plan out all my blog post at the beginning of each year. I put them all on my calendar and at the start of each month, I sit down and put together the blogs for the next four or five weeks. Today, I looked at my calendar and my heart sank. The first blog post of the month was this one, the Opera Colorado Young Artist Portraits. It’s one of my favorite sessions to do each year and I love revisiting it and looking at the photos again. But this one is different.


A few weeks ago, I started seeing a lot of photos of one of these Young Artists, Nathan, being posted all over facebook. I soon learned that he had passed away, losing his life to depression. I didn’t know Nathan well but it is always heartbreaking when someone dies, especially someone young. This session, from over a year ago, was the first time I met these seven opera singers. From the beginning, it was clear that they were very close.


I photographed events he sang at throughout the season and every once in a while, we would chat a bit after the show. There are a couple of things that I remember about my interactions with Nathan. He was always the first to lend a hand anytime I needed to carry or move something. And everything he said felt genuine. Anytime he asked me how I was doing or thanked me for photographing him, I could tell that he genuinely cared. He wasn’t just trying to make conversation. That authenticity and passion came through in his art as well. Nathan’s kindness and talent will be greatly missed in the opera community.






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Madame de Sade | Denver Theater Photography

I was going through some of my archives the other day and I found these photos from one of the first plays I ever photographed. While I was in college, at RIT, I started finding my niche with performing arts photography. Since my school didn’t have a theater program, I reached out to a nearby university and asked to photograph one of their productions. I had photographed plenty of opera and dance at that point, but this was my first straight play. I’ve since photographed many plays for Naropa University’s MFA Theater Program. This adaption of “Madame de Sade” was performed by the International Theater Program at the University of Rochester.

denver-theater-photographer, denver-performing-arts-photographer, denver-theater-photos, colorado-theater-photographer

Madame de Sade is a 1965 historical fiction play written by Yukio Mishima, set in Paris in the late 1700s. The play has an all female cast. The University of Rochester adapted the play to be set in the time of it’s writing. The costumes and props were all inspired by the 1960s rather than the 1700s. It was wonderful to watch such an interesting adaptation of a modern play. I loved that the Theater Department chose to feature a play with an all female cast as well!

denver-theater-photographer, denver-performing-arts-photographer, denver-theater-photos, colorado-theater-photographer

I found that with photographing straight plays, as opposed to operas and musicals, the emotions are less exaggerated, which meant I had to work a bit harder to capture them well. There were many quiet moments throughout this play that held so much emotion in context and it was a challenge to find ways to capture that tension without having the context of the rest of the scene. This is always a challenge in photographing any performance, but I always love a good challenge!

denver-theater-photographer, denver-performing-arts-photographer, denver-theater-photos, colorado-theater-photographer

denver-theater-photographer, denver-performing-arts-photographer, denver-theater-photos, colorado-theater-photographer

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